Charitable works

The Order's humanitarian activities have a long history. We can definitely trace these back to 1935. In the 2000s – a new century – the Order can expand its charitable activities thanks to increase membership numbers and prudent capital management.

The Order now has two charitable projects:

The first is helping homeless widows and children following the earthquake in Pakistan in autumn 2005. Since 2006 aid has gone to the AAPKI Foundation. Both the Order and several of its members have donated wooden cabins to the most vulnerable widows in the area of the earthquake.

Her Majesty Queen Silvia has actively supported the project from the very beginning and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria has become patron of the project. From 2008 onwards, the Order has supported four children for two academic years each and followed the children's progress via contacts in the field.
See also the Photo Gallery and www.aapki.org tabs.

The second project helps homeless people with drug problems to achieve a drug-free life and ordered social intercourse, with their own home as a goal. Since 2008 the Order has been supporting the Ny Gemenskap organisation; an apolitical non-profit association started in 1968 which is active in Stockholm.
See also the Photo Gallery och www.nygemenskap.org.