Member information

Entrance into the Order

New Members to the Order of Innocence, to be received on the Day of Solemnity, should be recommended in writing by the Sponsor, who should be a registered Member of the Order. Written registration of recipiends should be submitted before celebration of the Day of Solemnity.
The membership fee per year is 225 SEK/person.

Entrance to a higher Degree

Entrance to higher Degree membership can be earned by Members who fulfil the conditions for a higher Degree, and who have submitted a written request and been assessed by the General Conclave. Application to a higher Degree can advantageously be made on the website.

Leaving the Order, exclusion

Members who for personal reasons feel that they cannot remain as Members should submit a written request for withdrawal to the Chancellor through the Order Office. Following a specific decision, written confirmation of withdrawal from the Order will be sent to the Member.

Members who, despite reminders, have not paid their annual fees for two years are excluded from the Order. Their personal information is removed from the Register of Members. No Order Information such as Innocence Nytt or the Register of Members will be sent. No invitation to the Day of Solemnity will be issued.

Re-entry to the Order

Former Members who wish to re-enter the Order make personal contact with the Chancellor through the Order Office and request re-entry. Following a specific decision, documents for re-entry and information for the payment of two annual fees will be sent to the Member. When the fees have been paid and a new membership number has been registered, the re-entry is complete.

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